If you are a guy or girl in college, who would like to educate your community about safe sex practices this would be a perfect fit!

Become spokesperson for our organization!  Make public appearances,  promote at parties, and in film and advertising opportunities.

See our events page for upcoming model search meetings.

Help us in the schools and neighborhood centers as we spread the word about safe sex and promote sexual health.

Simply pass out information, help people get signed up for testing, and/or work behind the scenes to organize these public efforts.

If you are interested in any of our volunteer opportunities please contact us.


We proudly accept
new condoms, dental
dam, lube and
other safe sex tools
to distribute at our
events, during
community service
outings, and as door
prizes and gifts.  By donating these materials we can come together to ensure that we are taking a community approach to protecting ourselves. 

So the next time you buy a box of condoms or a bottle of lube by two and send them to us!  We are always in need of contraceptives to hand out at community events and appearances.


Equip uninsured
and low income
individuals with a gift
that will save them
selves and others,
possibly even you.
These free screening
passes will allow
participants to get a full STD test including HIV and full blood analysis.

Your generosity will make it easier for at-risk people to do the right thing. The life you save may be your own.

If you would like to donate to our organization please contact us.


Attach the power of your company brand to the passion we bring to our community events.

In schools, neighborhood centers, and other highly visible establishments we are spreading the safe sex message, encouraging people to get testing and informing them about the latest health developments.

Your sponsorship allows us to reach more students and communities, provides free screening opportunities, and more literature and materials to inform students about sexual health.

As a sponsor your logo will appear on all of our promotional items, on our website, on any of our advertising and informative literature.  The public will then associate your company as one who cares about the community it serves.

If you would like to receive more information about sponsoring any of our community events please contact us.